Residential Solar Installation

Why solar on my home?

Home solar panels are becoming more affordable over the past 10 years. With solar tax credits, $0-down financing options, and rock-solid warranties, you can reduce your carbon footprint and increase your home’s value with residential solar power.

SOLAR 101: Learning the basics of solar technology or Solar Panel is the smartest way to understand how it works and move forward with choosing a company to install a solar panel system appropriate for you. This will show you the Photovoltaic (PV) Panels, Enphase Micro-inverters, AC Combiner Box, Main Service Panel, and Utility Meter.

Professional Service
25 Year Warranty
Financing Available

Most systems are paid for in 5-10 years.

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Tax Credit

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Zero $0 Down

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Savings From Day One


Increased Home Value

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Complete Ownership

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System Monitoring


25 Years Warranty

Average Lifetime Savings of Solar?

The average lifetime savings of a residential solar panel system can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the size and efficiency of the system, the local cost of electricity, and the amount of sunlight received in the area.

However, according to a report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the average savings over the lifetime of a residential solar in the United States is between $10,000 and $30,000. This can vary depending on the state and the specific circumstances of the installation.

While solar panels can be expensive initially, the long-term savings can be significant, especially as electricity prices continue to rise over time. Additionally, homeowners may be eligible for federal and state tax incentives and other rebates that can help reduce the initial costs of installation.

The majority of Energy Renovation Center’s Solar homeowners choose to go solar panel because it makes perfect sense financially. Most people don’t realize the hugely positive and long-lasting impact on the earth that clean power will provide for decades to come. Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy for your home or business. Energy Renovation Center is contributing by supplying clean energy for thousands of homeowners. Our customers will be doing their part to help save our planet for the next 25 years!


Consuming - Gallons of Gas!


Reducing - Miles of Driving!


Planting - Trees for Nature!

3 simple steps to Saving $20,000 in Lifetime Savings

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A ERC solar expert will evaluate and determine if your home is right for solar. They will provide you with a solar proposal quote, complete with a rooftop diagram layout of your home’s new solar design. Lock in low energy costs for the next 25 years.

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ERC will handle all the details! From permitting, inspections, electrical work, and permission to operate with the grid. Which will give you the green light to be able to operate your solar system with the grid and tie into the local utility company.

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Congratulations, it's time to save money! The sun shines and provides power to your home. Share with your neighbors and monitor your solar production with your mobile device. This will impress them and you will earn money by referrals. Enjoy savings for decades to come and live powered by the sun!

Enlighten Monitoring ma nager

The Renovation Center's Online Monitoring

Energy Renovation Center uses the Enphase MyEnlighten solar monitoring system, allowing you to track your energy production 24/7! This will help you to monitor your system’s activity, and share their data with family and friends, with a simple, mobile-friendly interface. You can download the mobile app from the Apple iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Battery Backup

Energy Renovation Center offers a solar system battery backup options that store excess power and helps protect against power outages. Our solar battery backups harvest energy from your solar PV system or grid when it is at the cheapest point of the time of use, then use energy from the battery when it is more expensive. Our battery backup systems will help keep your home or business powered when the grid is offline by power outages, blackouts, and unpredictable natural disasters.

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