California solar panel company

The California solar industry grows every day, enabling California residents to save money, and have a positive impact on their beautiful state. Energy Renovation Center is a leading solar provider in California for residential and commercial solar panels. The sun shines bright nearly 80% of the year in the Inland Empire, meaning this is a perfect location to install solar panels. With beautiful landscapes, mountains, plateaus, National Parks and Monuments, solar panels are a great way to keep California beautiful. We all want to preserve California’s natural beauty.

California solar incentives

California Solar incentives entice many people into purchasing solar panels. Solar panels pay for themselves quickly, but incentives help speed up the payback on panels to just a few years. These motives excite many solar owners because once you reach the break-even point, everything else is profit!

A few incentives for California solar panels are:

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit
Net Metering

California Solar – Federal Investment Tax Credit

The Federal Investment Tax Credit is a federal provision open to people across the country, including California.

When you purchase a solar panel system, you can apply for this tax credit on that year’s taxes. Instead of a deduction, you get a credit, which is far more valuable. Currently, the credit is worth 30% of your purchase. So if you purchase a $20,000 system, your tax (liability) is credited with $6,000 as though that has already been paid.

California Solar Net Metering

Net Metering allows you to sell back electricity to the power company. This great program works like this: during a sunny day, you likely won’t be able to use all the electricity that your panels produce. Net metering allows you to sell the extra power back to the power company. Your meter runs backward! Then at night, when your panels sleep, you buy electricity from the power company as normal (unless you decide to get a battery pack). If you sell back more electricity for a month than you use, you will have a credit that moves forward to the next month.

Energy Renovation Center – California Solar Specialists

California trusts Energy Renovation Center, and so should you! We have thousands of happy customers in our area, and you can expect extraordinary customer service. Built on a solid reputation, Energy Renovation Center installs quality solar panels using a team of expert installers. We offer the best warranty you can count on.

Finally, Energy Renovation Center conducts a free home energy audit to help you save more electricity and money. A whole-house energy efficiency upgrade may be offered or included with your solar system.

We operate in California and Texas.

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