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Time is a valuable thing for any person, whether they’re an employee or run their own business. And nowhere is that principle demonstrated more clearly than when it comes to agriculture farming and ranching. Whether it’s feeding your livestock, irrigating your crops, or planting your seeds, time is important and should never be wasted. And neither should your income. This is why solar power is becoming more popular for farmers.

Using Solar Power with Agriculture

When it comes to solar power, there are many ways that you can utilize your solar system to improve your daily operations at your farm.
With numerous state and government programs available to take advantage of, such as the USDA REAP program and tax credits, going solar has become simpler, easier, and less expensive than it was even ten years ago.
By utilizing USDA grants, tax credits, and state rebates to install a solar panel system, you’ll be one step closer to energy independence, allowing you to minimize or even negate your current energy bill. Solar energy doesn’t just have to power your home or your lights. It can be used for any number of purposes for your farm or ranch, including helping you care for your livestock. And every chore that you either don’t have to do, or don’t have to spend as much time doing, is just a few more minutes that you can spend doing something else important.

Benefits your farm or ranch can receive by utilizing solar energy:

Less Reliance on the Grid
Because farms are in more rural areas, sometimes it can be hard to get reliable electricity. Or even if the electricity is reliable, the electric bill for the whole operation can be very expensive. By using solar panels, you can minimize your bill or perhaps even negate it completely. And if you take advantage of the tax credits, state rebates, and USDA grants, you could get a solar array that covers your entire operation, which helps keep you off the grid and self-reliant.
Greenhouse Heating with Solar
Traditional greenhouses usually rely on traditional energy sources- fossil fuels- to maintain consistent temperatures for their plants. Using solar batteries in addition to solar panels keeps your greenhouses running reliably during nighttime, rainy days, and cloudy days. Using this method helps your wallet as well as the planet.
Solar Irrigation
Solar water pumping systems (also called Photovoltaic, PV, water pumping systems), are a very popular option for farming locations that have no existing power lines. These solar irrigation systems are very reliable and require little maintenance. The basic pumps run directly when the sun in shining, ensuring they work the hardest during the summertime when they’re needed the most.
Solar Powered Sensors
Sensor nodes are incredibly important to agriculture, helping to determine precipitation, soil moisture, and levels of sunlight, which can be a huge help to farmers. But traditional nodes can be difficult because they tend to rely on batteries, and sometimes it can be tricky to attach them to the main electric line. Solar powered sensor technology doesn’t have that issue, and are a cost-effective solution. You can also use electronic tags to monitor the feeding and watering of livestock.
Solar Fence Chargers
Having livestock means you need fencing solutions that are effective and dependable. Easily installable Solar powered electric fences are a perfect solution, and can be used with movable paddocks or permanent installations.

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We're here to answer your questions, no obligations!

We're here to answer your questions, no obligations!
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