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What is a Power Production Guarantee?


A power production guarantee and product warranty are almost the same in features. It can give the assurance that if a problem will arise with your solar panel system, then you will receive servicing, repairs and replacement free of cost. There are two different approaches present in Production guarantee, those are:

  1. The production guarantee claims that the solar panels will produce the manufacturer projected amount of energy.
  2. It also claims that the system will consist of a low production decline rate over the upcoming 25 years.

To assure 100% customer satisfaction, Energy Renovation Center (ERC) will include only use products that satisfies this 25 year warranty for our valued customers:

Some companies also claim a higher energy amount production for their panels to sell their products, but if the panels will fail to produce that kind of energy amount then some legal action can be taken against those companies. But the contractor will be legally bound to help you in that case, the panels cannot produce the claimed amount of energy and if the agreement contains the term production guarantee.

How much energy should your house get?

Every solar panel system has to be customized according your power usage as well as the features and design of your home. Many factors need to be considered when putting together a solar quote and system, such as orientation and tilt of roof, the amount of sun exposure and other crucial obstructions play a part in how effective your solar will produce power.

We have to send that information to our design team so that they can design the solar panel according to the features of your home and after completion of this designing phase we can estimate the production capacity of your system.

Energy Renovation Center (ERC) Solar’s Guarantee

Energy Renovation Center (ERC), we strongly trust in our products and workmanship or our installation. Our systems have the potentiality to last decades even beyond well beyond the 25 year. If the system may fail to produce the amount of energy warrantied by our manufacturers, then we will give twice the amount of the difference to you, in cash!

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We're here to answer your questions, no obligations!

We're here to answer your questions, no obligations!
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